Outrageous loving

My Christian life has been a monumental failure, always.  It is marked by frustration, a long list of very dumb decisions and endless regrets. I was plain foolish, ever attracted to the endless pleasures and empty promises of this world.  I was never able to leave the world behind me and fully embrace the new […]


Honoring God 101

“It is my joy to honor you.  In all I do, I honor you.” I sang these words many times but I never stopped to think about their significance.  It never occurred to me that there are Christians who find great joy and delight in honoring God. How about me? As I was singing “You […]

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Who’s to judge?

Where do we draw THE LINE between: Being able to correctly discern a person’s heart or situation AND Judging someone for my own satisfaction? Is it a thin line that exists between discernment and judgment? Discernment is a necessary tool to help us make wise, godly decisions in life. How about judgment?  What does judgment […]

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I am free!

The day I realized I was really free felt like… a big pleasant surprise. I heard about it.  I prayed about it.  I desired it.  I wondered and thought about it.  But really realizing what meant to be free came much later.  Like, this week. I just came to realize, really realize, how much freedom […]